How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story in 2023

One of the easiest ways to include music in your Instagram Story is by using the app itself. Instagram has made it quite simple to do so, as long as you’re already familiar with creating Stories.
First things first: to add music to your Instagram Story, you’ll need to open up the Instagram app on your mobile device.
Step 2: 
Once you’re in the Instagram app, you can either tap the “Your Story” icon in the top left corner of the screen, or find a post that you’d like to share and click the airplane icon. From there, select “Add post to your story” to begin the process of adding music to your Instagram Story.
Step 3:
if you’ve chosen to add a Story from the “Your Story” icon, you can either tap on the camera square in the top left corner to take a photo or video, or select an existing photo or video from your camera roll. However, if you’re planning to share someone else’s feed post, you can skip this step and move on to Step 4.
Step 4:
Once you have your photo or video ready to go, the next step is to navigate to the stickers option. You can find this by looking at the top bar of widgets located above your photo or video.
Step 5:  
After you’ve found the stickers option, look for the music sticker and tap on it. This will bring up the music library where you can select a song to add to your Instagram Story.
Step 6:
Select the perfect song and tap it to preview. Click “Done” to add it as a sticker to your Story. Customize by resizing and adding other stickers or text. Upload your Story and share it with friends. Enjoy your new music-enhanced Story!

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